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S&G Brothers Inc. was founded in 2015 and has been successfully trading precious metals (gold & silver) and gemstones (diamonds & emeralds) ever since.

Today, S&G Brothers Inc. covers the entire value chain of precious metals itself, from extraction and refinement to the end customer.

This results in attractive framework conditions for all parties involved - including the end customer, who is served at very attractive conditions.

S&G Brothers Inc


Sasa Homepage.jpeg

Sasa Svalina


CEO & Owner

We run our business like a family.

Everyone has to be satisfied and smile.

Alvaro II.jpeg

Alvaro Bello


Operation Manager Brasil

Always be honest, defend the truth and

always help whenever you can.

Dieter Bornscheuer.png

Dieter Bornscheuer


Sales Manager D-A-CH

With us the customer is King

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