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Refinery plant to rent

S&G Brothers Inc. is installing a comprehensive processing plant in the area of resource extraction. There the ore extracted from its own and regional mines is processed into 24 carat fine gold in an environmentally and health-friendly manner. This represents an absolute yield-optimising processing of the extracted raw rock in the region for all parties.

S&G Brothers Inc. offers interested customers a leasing opportunity. The customer leases a part of the total annual capacity and benefits at the end of the rental period from a percentage yield of the extracted gold.

An overview for your information:

Total available leasing volume:                                                     2,500,000 €

Lease contract starting at:                                                                   10,000 €

Contract extension by each:                                                                  5,000 €

Minimum contract duration*:                                                                  2 years

Yearly leasing share in 24 Karat Gold:               40% of the contract volume

First delivery of annual leased share in Gold after**:                      18 month

Second year supply after:                                                                    24 month


Subsequent supply every:                                                                   12 month


Final delivery of the leasing                               together with the last share

contract volume in 24K Gold:                                   after the end of contract                


*  Customer has the opertunity to extend his contract 30 days before expiry date

** Delivery to the front door of the lessee or any communicated place of his choice



If you are interested, please send us an e-mail to receive detailed information.

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